Congressional letter: Defund US military operations in Syria

Dear Senator/Representative:

I strongly object to our Administration’s decision to provide military aid to Syrian “rebels” in their war against Assad’s government. I do not support Assad’s regime, but more importantly, I strongly believe that the US (or any other foreign government) has no unilateral authority to intervene in Syria’s internal affairs, especially by means of arming one side in a bloody civil war. The Administration’s decision is particularly obscene because the rebel groups include such organizations as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which in all other circumstances would be considered an enemy of the US. In case the opposition forces (i.e., “rebels”) prevail, they will proceed to fight for power between each other, potentially turning Syria into a failed state and/or a breeding ground for radical Islamist groups.

The allegations of chemical weapons use by Assad’s government are contentious, not confirmed by the UN and strongly resemble the pre-Iraq war WMD lies. US involvement in Syria has little to do with chemical weapons but rather our government’s desire to engage in a proxy war with Iran aiding Assad’s regime [1].

Please oppose the Administration’s decision by sponsoring/supporting legislation denying the DOD or intelligence services funds for conducting military operations in Syria.




Barry Ladendorf

Sergey, great letter. Very well said. Everyone reading it should pass this on to their Congressional representatives and the White House.


Dave Patterson

Thank you Sergey! This will also help people that have been otherwise undecided on arming the rebels.

Jack Doxey

Thanks Sergey. A succinct argument on why we should stay out of the internal affairs of other nations In this case it is Syria but our history, as a nation, shows that this type of unlawful intervention has been going on ever since the end of WW11. Jimmy Carter recently asked Secretary of State John Kerry to name one place that the US is currently promoting peace.He could not answer the question.

Roger Batchelder

Does anyone have a contingency plan to protest this false-flag
war-making? Pick a time and place- the day of, or the day after
the attack? Or should it be the day Obama announces he will attack?
Here we go again, and again, and again, until we build a non-
corporate party like the Greens to displace BOTH phonies.
Time to speak POWER to power. They have 2 parties; We just need

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