Letter to Congress: No strike on Syria

Dear Congressmen,

I urge you to vote against any kind of military attack on Syria as considered by our Administration. Absent of an attack on our land, the use of military force without approval from the UN Security Council is in violation of international law. Furthermore, the US government, which used Agent Orange in Vietnam and depleted uranium in Iraq, simply has no moral standing for punishing other governments for possible similar violations. An attack on Syria will undoubtedly result in serious repercussions: it may destabilize larger regions of the Middle East, degrade the relationship with Russia to Cold War lows, halt diplomatic efforts toward a nuclear-free Iran, and all the while not ending the civil war.


Congressional letter: Defund US military operations in Syria

Dear Senator/Representative:

I strongly object to our Administration’s decision to provide military aid to Syrian “rebels” in their war against Assad’s government. I do not support Assad’s regime, but more importantly, I strongly believe that the US (or any other foreign government) has no unilateral authority to intervene in Syria’s internal affairs, especially by means of arming one side in a bloody civil war. The Administration’s decision is particularly obscene because the rebel groups include such organizations as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which in all other circumstances would be considered an enemy of the US. In case the opposition forces (i.e., “rebels”) prevail, they will proceed to fight for power between each other, potentially turning Syria into a failed state and/or a breeding ground for radical Islamist groups.


Letter to Rep. Susan Davis urging for an accelerated US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and negotiations

Dear Representative:

As a voter and an associate member of the Veterans for Peace (VFP), I am urging you to pressure the Administration for an accelerated withdrawal of the US Armed Forces from Afghanistan and open negotiations with the militant insurgency and regional political and military powers in order to bring an end to the Afghanistan War. My call for withdrawal is supported not only by the active and growing community of VFP members but by the majority of the American people as indicated by a Washington Post- ABC News poll [1], which says that 64% of US citizens consider that the war is not worth fighting and 73% think that we should have withdrawn combat forces from Afghanistan this summer.