SDVFP Compassion Campaign-In-Action On KUSI News

On January 4, 2015 KUSI News reporter John Soderman met with San Diego Veterans For Peace members Gil Field and Stan Levin near the corner of Island & 16th in downtown San Diego while distributing sleeping bags to the homeless. That night they passed out twenty bags.

Since the Compassion Campaign began, SDVFP has passed out more than 2,400 sleeping bag kits to homeless veterans and non-veterans. The kits cost $33.00 and include a sleeping bag, waterproof nylon stuff-sack, and a poncho.

The funds for the sleeping bags come from generous donors like yourself in support of San Diego Veterans For Peace Compassion Campaign. For just $33 you can help support our mission and support our homeless veterans.

You can donate through PayPal right here on our website by clicking the image below!

Patrick Gokey

Patrick Gokey is a veteran of the United States Navy and a lifetime member of Veterans For Peace. He owns and operates Pete's Hamburger Catering in Madison, Wisconsin.


Peter Nguyễn

We are so proud for your works.

Laura Kohl

Thank you Vets for Peace for taking care of our Vets! You do a wonderful job.

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