Drone Wars, P3: Who Will Tell the Emperor He Has No Clothes

Authored by Judy Bello on The Deconstructed Globe.

A year ago October, around the same time I went to Pakistan to meet some Drone victims, visit the countryside where they live, two academic studies were released explicating concerns about the impact of Drone strikes on the civilian population in the Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan along the Afghan border. One was published by a team from Cornell University and the other by a group from NYU and Stanford University. Both reports reflected a more serious situation than had previously been reported in the American press, and the latter report included testimony from local people who described a very disturbing situation which included numerous civilian casualties, clear violations of humanitarian law in the strike patterns and a climate of unrelenting fear and anxiety. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism(1) in the UK had been reporting some rather shocking statistics throughout the year, but no one in the United States had previously reported these issues. At the time, the U.S. Government continued to insist that there were few or no civilian casualties associated with these attacks, and no further action was taken until the following spring when a series of Congressional hearings brought the issue into the public eye,


Preparing For War With Russia

Authored by Bruce K. Gagnon

I’ve been writing for many years about US-NATO efforts to militarily surround Russia. The oil-i-garchy wants to get ahold of the natural gas (the world’s largest supply) that sits on Russian territory. It also wants full control of the Arctic region now that climate change will make it possible to drill for oil there. Russia has a huge northern coastal border with the Arctic and thus stands in the way of western oil control.