Message from the President

Dear Veterans, Friends and Supporters;

Welcome to the new San Diego Veterans for Peace website. We at San Diego Veterans for Peace are excited about the opportunities this website provides to further the cause of PEACE in this world. I want to acknowledge and thank those responsible for making this website possible. First, a big thank you goes to VFP member, Sergey Gratiy, for his tireless work on this project. Sergey designed the website and was the driving force behind getting the articles written and selecting the format. Also, a big thanks to one of our newest board members, Patrick Gokey, who worked with Sergey to put the finishing touches on the new website. Sergey and Patrick will be the administrators for the website. It is also important that we give a special VFP thanks to Chris Adams who administered our previous website for the past 7 years or so and still keeps track of the Vets list for us.

Here, you will find a wealth of news and information on how our chapter has and will continue to implement the Mission Statement of Veterans for Peace. Check the website for new articles, streaming videos, and a list of our activities and upcoming events. Everything you want and need to know about SDVFP should be right here. In the near future look for book reviews and reviews of DVD’s that we at SDVFP recommend. If you have an article, a link to other organizations, or other events of interest to our community, we welcome your submissions for consideration.

As the president of San Diego Veterans for Peace, I hope to use this Message page to talk about specific issues and developments that effect our local chapter and VFP nationally. As a nation, we still are actively at war in Afghanistan, and still have large footprints in Iraq and other less known places around the world. And, still the drumbeats in the United States and Israel for more war are being sounded louder and with greater urgency. We are being told that an Iran with nuclear weapons is not an option and, if necessary, the United States will use its military option (which is “on the table”) to insure Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. For VFP war is not an option; we need to let our government know that PEACE is the only option. We can make the military/industrial complex listen only if we stand in solidarity against war. Veterans, friends, and citizens stand with us, get engaged, get involved, let your voice be heard BEFORE the bombs drop. Join us here at this website and we promise to keep you informed and up to date.


In peace and solidarity,

Barry Ladendorf
President, San Diego Veterans for Peace

Barry Ladendorf