Jack Doxey’s Letter to the Editor in SD Union Tribune

War Not Glamorous

I was saddened when I read “U.S. soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians” (March 12).

Isn’t it ironic that Friday, March 16, marks the 44th anniversary of the My Lai massacre? On that infamous day, a group of American soldiers systematically murdered 500 innocent, Vietnamese women, children and infants in the tiny village of My Lai. The same dialogue and excuses were given at that time.

From past history, our government knows that this type of behavior is commonplace. Our government also knows, with the greatest amount of certitude, that when you subject a human being to two or three tours of duty that he/she will, in all probability, become emotionally and physically wounded and that, under certain circumstances, will be capable of the most heinous of crimes.

More serious than our policy, is a behavior, on the part of our government, that is brazen, defiant and in your face. Don’t we all remember, before the invasion of Iraq, our rhetoric: “Shock and Awe and Bring Them On” attitude. We have, unconditionally, lost the moral high ground, if we ever had it, in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our military and our government consistently betray our kids when they depict war as glamorous. Let us bring them home and allow them to live with and among their family, friends and loved ones. Let’s remove the insanity from their lives.

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Jack Doxey