Americans United Against Attacking Syria


Pew Research center reports that by a 48% to 29% margin, more Americans oppose than support conducting military airstrikes against Syria.

Even more decisive data comes from – a convenient tool for communicating with Congress. 96% of Americans who contacted congress through PopVox oppose The President’s Draft Legislation Authorizing Military Action in Syria.The above image shows that people are united across the country in opposition (red circles) to that war. Remember this map, for if Congress approves the attack, then what would this say about the condition of our democratic Republic?

Also if you follow the above link you may see which organizations support the attack – you will not be surprised.



Roger Batchelder

Considering the large number of times we’ve been lied into war and
supporting dictatorships and torture, I don’t even want (trust)
“my” own government to be part of any negotiation. (Corporate)
lawyers can sometimes be as destructive as WMD’s.

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