What we can learn from the Mormons

Mitt Romney, the last of 2 Mormon candidates running for President, spent a couple of his early years as a missionary overseas. While on that mission he was proselytizing and living in a religious environment, during the time that his brain was going through a major change. For we homo-sapiens critical development of the brain is occurring from 18 to 22 years of age, where 30% of the neural connections are made. That sounds like a good environment to send a young person into while they develop their adult brains.


A Cry for Help that Never Came

Ester Contreras is an attractive young lady who was married to the late Cpl. Leonardo Contreras. In the year 2008 they were living on base at Camp Pendleton and were blessed with the recent arrival of a baby girl.

Leonardo was, by nature, an outgoing, amiable young man and had a positive outlook on life. However, after two tours in Iraq, he returned to Ester and his daughter a changed man. He was sullen and depressed. He had witnessed combat and couldn’t remove the war that waged in his mind. Cpl. Contreras was in all probability suffering from Post Traumatic Stresses Disorder, also known as PTSD.


Think About This…Why Are So Many Veterans Against This War?

1. We do not want more of our troops to be exposed to the Depleted Uranium that our government uses on its bombs and ammo. Of the nearly 700,000 veterans who served in Desert Shield & Desert Storm, more than 300,000 have sought VA health care, & more than 200,000 have filed VA disability claims. President Bush insulted our sick and dying vets when he slashed $275 million from the health care budget of the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq

By Anonymous, AlterNet – September 9, 2002

With all the war fever about re-invading Iraq, the press and politicians are ignoring the opinion of the veterans of our last war in the Gulf. But we veterans were there, and we have unique and critical first-hand knowledge of the course and consequences of warfare in Iraq. Our opinions should be solicited and heard before troops deploy for battle, not after they have returned wounded, ill or in body bags.